Rebekah Cummings (1980-2019)

Purchase This Print With Purpose!

Get this rare and beautiful print piece called Dreamer and you will not only enjoy a masterpiece on your wall - but you will be giving kids a healing experience with the Arts. 

Print size: 33 x27 fully framed

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A  beloved friend and ACWC composer who passed away on March 23, 2019 after being diagnosed with cancer in December.  Her indelible spirit and imaginative, unquenchable zest for life revealed itself in her superb, sensuous, moving, and deeply grounded compositions which touched all who heard them. Rebekah delighted in “creativity in its various forms, and loved to cultivate it in others! Concepts of life, growth, process and transformation tend to be at the heart of her creative expression in both art and music, along with themes related to her Bulgarian heritage.”  As well, she was a gifted visual artist with visionary, playful, compelling canvases. (credit

Rebekah was committed to providing music and art related experiences to children and has left a legacy that will impact many for generations to come.